Baby Sailing Boat T-shirt


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Dark blue cotton T-shirt diagonally laying across of a folded pair of striped cream and navy shorts. Shorts have small orange and purple ISABEE logo. T-shirt features an appliquéd Sailing boat design with a light blue bottom, two stripy sails (one of which matches the shorts, the other in pale greeny-blue shades) and a reflective flag. A small stack of folded shorts sits next to them. The clothes lay on a white panneled background. -
Baby Sailing Boat T-shirt
Baby Sailing Boat T-shirt
Baby Sailing Boat T-shirt
Baby Sailing Boat T-shirt

For a small sea farer or maybe simply playing (and splashing) about with boats in the sink.

Dark blue cotton T-shirt with an appliquéd Sailing boat design. This ship of discovery features stripy sails and a fun reflective flag.

T-shirt is 100% cotton. Comfortable for all budding sailors, with two poppers on the shoulder for ease of wear.

Ages: 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months
Designed and machine embroidered in the Isabee studio.
Machine Washable at 40˚C
Ethically Made

Matching shorts available.

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