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Knight Costume

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Knight Costume
Knight Costume
Knight Costume
Knight Costume

Every brave knight needs armour to fight for. From Jousting battles to dragon slaying, this is the armour for you!

In an elegant green to signify hope and joy and with a royal silver braid to highlight the medieval design, you can feel regal enough to meet the king and queen, yet able to draw your sword at any minute... what a pest dragons are anyway!

Included is a handmade wool felt helmet and shield with medieval applique designs, and a flowing silver cape with a matching wool felt collar and trim design. Each Piece is sold separately on the Isabee Etsy page.

All designed and machine embroidered in the Isabee studio.

Hat - Range from 3-9 years.
100% wool felt.
Colour of jewels may vary.
Not suitable for children under three.

Shield - 41cm high x 28cm across.
Not suitable for children under three.

Cape - One size fits all from 2-3 years.
54cm long x 124cm across.

Silver PU coated lightweight fabric
100% wool felt collar
silver or green Russia braid trim
velvet ribbon ties.

We recommend our Traveller's Sword as the perfect finishing touch to this outfit!

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